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 The Sarcastic Bitch

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Mayumi Sasaki


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Date d'inscription : 2017-09-16

PostSubject: The Sarcastic Bitch   Sat 16 Sep - 3:11

Name: Mayumi Sasaki
Age: 17
Occupation: Class President

Psychological Profile: Narcissistic-Psychological Manipulator-Emotional Manipulator

Physical Appearance:
Patient Number 7 has porcelain clear with no sign of trauma. Her lips are well taken care of with rosy plump pink lips. She wears little makeup expect for her pristine never chipped red nail polish.  The girl has crimson eyes with the ability to look like they are glowing in the dark.She has king black hair that is silky which seem to be taken care of very well and often comb. This patient always has an eerily smile plaster on her face and almost fake like.  She always dresses to perfection and seems to take the best care of herself. Her clothes are carefully picked to express the beauty that she has.  The only piece of jewelry she wears is a ring on her thumb because she said it was a gift from her late mother.

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The Sarcastic Bitch
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