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 Mara - The monster

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Mara Woods


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Date d'inscription : 2018-03-31

PostSubject: Mara - The monster   Sat 31 Mar - 21:17

Name: Mara Woods
Age: 15

Mara has lost any sense of comfortability and is always on the edge. She has secluded herself in her own mind and outcast herself from others. She spends many of her lunches in the old abandon school in a room that is falling apart beyond repair. She assumed to be very shy, but she is more frightening to harm someone. Her monster form is crazy and enjoys to talk to their prey before eating them. She herself can witness everything that her craze monster self can do.  It had broken her mentally and made her suffer from anxiety around others. She spends her time out of school in her room. Every night at midnight, she locks herself up in the abandoned school to keep others safe from her monster.

Physical Appearance:
Mara lost her eye and wears a variety of eyepatches to covered it up. If she took it off, it would just be a dark black hole and nothingness. Starting into her missing eye can cause people to fill with fear. Her other eye is a deep crimson red color and sometimes in the dark, they almost glow like.

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Mara - The monster
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