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 The Monster Inside Me

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Mara Woods


Messages : 3
Date d'inscription : 2018-03-31

PostSubject: The Monster Inside Me   Sun 1 Apr - 16:34

One red eye shined upon the school entrance, A girl stood there with short black hair that gives her a creepy almost doll-like appearance. Her other eye was completely covered by a white eyepatch and show no sign of the other eye. Her pale skin help with making her exotic feature in making her look like a girl from a horror movie. She had no smile or no happiness shown on her face. No one else stood with her, as other students rush by her to make inside the school. She just stood there and stare at the big brick school building.

It was only a few moments before the school a student teacher meets the strange girl and lead her inside the building. He looked at her with warm nice brown eyes. They crinkle at the edges as he smiled at her warmly. It almost sends shivers down her back. She was not used to such a warming welcome.

"Mara Right?"

He held her hand out for her to shake it. She reluctantly shakes his huge tanned hands with her small pale hands. She shook it briefly and tried to hold her breath. He smells delicious as everyone else did. He seems to not notice her reaction to him.

"I am Mr.Manson, and I will be bringing you to the front office."

Hr reds eyes glance at the teacher as they yap on about things that she was not very interested in. She effectively tuned out the student teacher and looked at her surroundings. The school hall was lined with bright red lockers with students hovering closed to them. She ignored the other students talking to each other and staring at the strange raven-haired girl.

Is that the new girl.
She looks so creepy.
Why does she wear an eyepatch?

These are all things she was hearing on repeat from everyone who passed her. She tried to block it out and focus on the teacher who was weaving around the students to the front office. She watches as the student teacher open a door with a glass window in front of it that said Front Office.

"Ladies first."

She stepped into the office where she notices right away a set of twins hanging around. She did not know why they were in there, but one they seem to be being scrawled by the front office lady. She brushes it off as the teacher she with started talking to the front desk lady. She perks up and turns away from the twins to the small raven-haired girl.

"You must be Mara Woods."

Mara only nodded her head before glances at the blonde secretary lady. The lady had gone back to her desk before she grabs a piece of paper. She goes back over to the raven-haired girl and handed her the papers.

"Here is your schedule for class.Now that is in order, you need to be shown around the school."

She turned over to the twins, and Mara swears a lightbulb went off in the blonde hair lady head. She claps her hands and points to the boys.

"As punishment for distraction class, I think you two can give her a wonderful tour of the school."

Mara glances at the two boys with her red eye. She was taking them in and observing them like she did with many people. The secretary saw happy with her chosen. One of the boys did not seem happy about it and was arguing with the teacher.

"No Buts, Both of you have been excused from afternoon classes after all the trouble. It is perfect."

She blonde hair lady crossed her arms over her big boobs and glares at the one who seems not get it.

"Unless you want to be spending your weekends in a classroom and writing an essay on how to not to misbehave."

That seems the shut up the other boy. ara seems amused by the bickering, as she put a hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh at him. The student teacher just rolled his eyesecretary.

"Okay, I am heading off since this is taken care off."

The secretary then waved off the two boys and Mara. She goes back to her desk and starts to take a call on the phone.She follows the two boys, as they walked out of the office.

They stopped in front of her, which she tilts her head slightly at the two human boys. One of them what seems to be okay about the tour started to introduce himself and his brother. She did not have to introduce herself as they already heard her name from the secretary. The twin asks him she had a nickname though.

"Just Mara."
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Grey & Black Maccabre


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Date d'inscription : 2018-03-31

PostSubject: Re: The Monster Inside Me   Tue 3 Apr - 6:45

Like every morning, they casually wake up in sync and take care of their morning business; Taking a shower together, dressing up, going downstairs for their breakfast and then brushing their teeth when finished. In front of the mirror, they brush their teeth in perfect harmony of one another and despite being so close to each other, they don't bump their elbow.

Black look at his elder brother, who's humming a song while brushing his teeth, with a dumb cheerful smile on his face and notice something on his twin's school uniform that makes his eye twitch. He takes the brush out of his mouth and speaks to Grey in his deadpan voice, his head turned toward his lookalike sibling;

''Grey. you have a bit of- on your collar.''

The older twin stop singing and, with a rather stupid surprised face, he tries to spot the dirty stain on his collar. It's only a red drop from a liquid, possibly juice, barely staining the collar, but on the white uniform, it's pretty obvious. He makes an unimpressed groan and tries to erase it with his toothbrush, who's still covered in toothpaste, only to make things worse. Now, his collar is also green from the mint toothpaste.

Black ''tsk'' with his tongue and shove his brother's attempts off. He simply undresses Grey of his blouse and tells him to go change. Grey cooperate despite looking annoyed by it.


The older twin yawns loudly, arms crossed behind his head, walking the halls of the school. The younger brother walks at his side, hands in his pockets and gazing at the windows they pass in front of.

''Really, being kicked out of the class for disturbing? The teacher is reaching for nothing. Old hag...a little bit of fun never killed anybody.''Grey mumbles, a light frowns of displeasure on his face.

His brother gaze turns to his brother. Despite being younger than the other, Black tower over Grey by a few inches.

''As much as I want to agree with you, brother, having a full demonstration of a kamehameha in the middle of class was probably really disturbing our classmates.''

Grey's shoulders slouch down and he looks at the floor, sulking. Black notice that his brother probably wants to argue with his logic, but has nothing to counter his argument with. He looks away from his brother, looking forward.

''However,'' Black's start with a neutral tone, ''it was a nice demonstration, brother.'' and finishes with a deadpan face.

It seems to make Grey happy again; the older twin stops sulking altogether and marches with confidence once again.

''Thank you, Black ! I thought so too !''

''You're welcome.''

When they arrive at the office room, it's very quiet and the secretary is nowhere to be found. Grey scratches his head, looking puzzled, before being dragged to a chair by his younger brother. They sit and waits patiently... Or well, Black waits patiently while Grey fidged in his seat. To stop him from fidgeting too loudly, Black has to cover his brother's right knee with his hand.

Minutes later, the secretary finally arrives, entering the office and without really acknowledging them. Grey immediately seems to sulks at that, but Black looks like he doesn't give one fuck about it. Soon enough, a teacher enters the office with a young, but strange, lady.

The blonde secretary finally moves but doesn't yet acknowledge them, preferring speaking to the male teacher and the strange girl.

Grey cocks his head to the side and stares really hard at the girl, but soon stop when he's being slapped behind the head. He turns his attention to his twin, massaging the back of his head with a hand and glaring hard at Black. He whispers harshly;

''What was that for ?!''

His brother shrugs and merely respond with;

''It's rude to stare.''

Grey stick his tongue out, immaturely.

"Here is your schedule for class.Now that is in order, you need to be shown around the school."

Both brothers turn around, feeling like it was said toward them. The blonde secretary turn her head toward them, smiling deviously and continue;

"As punishment for distraction class, I think you two can give her a wonderful tour of the school."

Of course, Grey starts protesting already, but it doesn't seem to bother Black who simply nods his head toward the secretary. The blonde lady says, more towards Grey than Black;

"No Buts, Both of you have been excused from afternoon classes after all the trouble. It is perfect."

She glares at Grey, making Black frowns.

"Unless you want to be spending your weekends in a classroom and writing an essay on how to not to misbehave."

Grey mumbles his agreement, as he seems to not have a choice at all in the matter, even if it pisses him off obviously. Black takes his brother's hand, comfortingly holding it in a firm grip as they stand.

After the departure of the teacher, the secretary is back at ignoring the both of them and they shrug it off. Or well, Black shrugs it off with a glare while Grey comments on ''blondies not having decency anymore, only big breasts''.

They stop in front of the weird girl and Grey cocks his head once more, gazing at her eyepatch and then walking toward her to peer directly at it, making the girl uncomfortable. Black sighs and catches his brother by the back of his collar, pulling him away from the new girl.

''Sorry, he doesn't mean to be rude; He's simply an idiot-''
''HEY !''
''-with no boundaries. My name is Black'' He points at his brother who glares at him as if to ask ''why are you so friendly with this girl'' ''and this is my older brother, Grey.''

He bows toward her, a hand on his chest.

''Nice to meet you-''

Black blinks.

''Sorry, but what do you want us to call you ?''

The girl smiles uneasily and answers back;

"Just Mara."

Black's smile is barely visible, but his gaze look soft as he says.

''Well, then, nice to meet you Mara.''

The older brother, Grey, suddenly stomp forward, in front of his younger brother and with crossed arms and a sneer, says;

''Yeah, nice to meet you, Cyclops !'' Grey smile tauntingly as he says that. He gets slapped once again behind the head, but this time, he laughs it off.


Soon enough, they starts the school's tour, introducing the new girl every nooks and cranny the school has. They introduce her to the school's garden, school's gym, school's bathroom, school's cafeteria, you name it. Grey play it cool, seemingly back to a cheerful mood, commenting here and there with funny stories of things that happened in the school.

''This is where that guy split his head in half ! Hahahaha !''

''This is not a funny story, brother.''

''Of course, it is! Right, cyclops ?'' Grey answers back, looking at Mara with a smile.
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Mara Woods


Messages : 3
Date d'inscription : 2018-03-31

PostSubject: Re: The Monster Inside Me   Tue 3 Apr - 18:31

Mara red eyes stared up at the shorter twin, as he stepped in front of the taller twin. She was smaller than both of them which made her awkwardly take a step back. She was not used to being in such close to someone. She clenches one of her hands, as she bites the inside of her cheek. She had sharper teeth than a normal human, so she could taste the blood-forming in her mouth.

''Yeah, nice to meet you, Cyclops !''

He was taunting her, but she just stares at him with confusing all over her face. She was indeed very innocent of things such as taunting. She watches the Grey get a smack in the back of his head by his brother. He started laughing at this, which she snickers at a little as well.

They lead her already the whole school, which she took in and tried to remember everything. She enjoyed the company of both of the twins. She did not show it, but it can be seen in her eye that she was having fun. Currently, Grey was talking about a story of someone smashing their heads open.

'This is where that guy split his head in half ! Hahahaha !''

She smirks at the amusement of Grey. His brother seems to not agree with him at all.She could see him shaking his head at his twin.

'This is not a funny story, brother.''

'Of course, it is! Right, cyclops ?

She huffed at him for calling her that weird name. She didn't even know what came about calling him that. She rolled her only eye at him before nodding her head at him. She was still smirking at his stupidity. He was almost like a dog.

"I guess so."

She could see the goofy grin on the Grey face from her agreement. She could not help but snicker at his excitement. It was rare for her to be around people, and she did know it could be so much fun. But, she knew very well that she will have to distance herself from them. She did not want to harm them at all.

She saw a hand waved in front of her face from Grey. He must of ask her something, but she was spacing off.

"umm, sorry. I spaced out."

He asks her something about why she came here. His other brother seems to disapprove of his sudden asking of such things. It was very rude to do so. But, the older twin seems to ignore it.

"umm....my aunt took me."

She was wearily on what to say, and she did not truly lie to them. But, it seems the younger twin had caught on to her sort of lie. He did not say anything about it. He asked her more question like does she have any siblings.

"I am an only child that I know of."

Mara was getting a little overwhelmed by the questions. Luckily, Black stopped his brother for asking her so much question. She let out a sigh of relief. Her red eye caught something out the corner of her eye.

She sees outside one the windows a building a little farther in the distance with moss and broken windows. It looked like it has been abandon for a long time. The younger twin had noticed that she was staring and answer a question that was forming in her head about the building.

He talked about how the building used to be part of the school, but it got damaged in a fire, so it was abandoned. No one was allowed in the school but of course, some people had broken in to explore. Grey seem to have some input about it.

She just smirk at the two ,as they well..Grey bicker with his twin. Something about those two made her feel better about this whole ordeal. The bell rang though signaling lunch time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Monster Inside Me   

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The Monster Inside Me
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