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 The Victim

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Atsuki Hyouma

Messages : 7
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-16
Whereabouts : Hiding
Job : Being a paranoid mess

Character's informations:

PostSubject: The Victim   Sat 16 Dec - 12:14

Name: Atsuki Hyouma
Age: 16 years old
Occupation: Drop out

Psychological Profile: Depressive - Suicidal - Anxious - Emotionally unstable - Delusional - Socially inept - Insomniac

Physical Appearance: The patient has deep dark circles under his somber blue eyes, caused by his lack of sleep. The boy looks permanently sick, due to him rarely leaving his home and barely eating. His skin is as white as a sheet and he's worryingly thin, his ribs poking through his stomach like a starved child. His black hair is unkempt and because of his rather poor image of himself, he admitted rarely taking a shower, so his hair is a tangled mess despite being straight and they have a certain smell and texture unpleasant to touch.  The tip of his fingers are red from his biting and his nails are short due to his bad habit of gnawing on them when nervous. His wrists are covered in scars, the worst ones caused by a razor blade. From what we've observed, he doesn't exercise enough and cannot run for long. He can lose consciousness under great stress too.


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The Victim
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