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 An unpleasant awakening

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Atsuki Hyouma

Messages : 7
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-16
Whereabouts : Hiding
Job : Being a paranoid mess

Character's informations:

PostSubject: An unpleasant awakening   Sat 16 Dec - 14:32

When his eyes flutter open, he closes them immediately after. His head is killing him and he feels the nausea churning his guts at the simple effort of keeping his eyes open. He releases a shaky breath and his instantaneous reflex at the hammer beating his skull right now is to raise a hand to meet his forehead, in a weak attempt to soothe the pain. The problem? He can't raise his hand. Both of his hands. He tries again, but to no avail. Now that his body is more responsive and that he's more awake, he feels like his hands are bound by what seems to be made of metal. Atsuki tries once more to open his eyes, in a fright because he is bound, but when he opens his eyes, it's only pitch black.

Atsuki squeal in terror and his body seems to come alive, in an attempt to wriggle out his hands from their trap. He whimpers in fear, unable to get his hands free, and when he tries to move his legs, they seem to be in the same state. Atsuki moves his head frenetically, trying to make the thing covering his eyes to slide down his face, but it's useless. He realizes with a start that his head is also firmly trapped, like his hands and legs, and whatever is holding it also seems to be covering his eyes. He panics and starts calling for help;

''H-h-HElp !! PL-eazz-''

His tongue feels heavy in his mouth and he can barely speak, let alone scream. The only thing coming out of his lips are wails, so weak they can't possibly be heard from far away. Atsuki feels lightheaded, his body unable to struggle properly to get out of his bounds. He let his body rest for a minute, to gather his thoughts.

There's a heavy taste on his tongue, something unpleasant, and Atsuki realizes that he's been drugged.

He feels the nausea coming back more strongly, his body reacting to his nervosity but also possibly trying to get the drugs out of his system. He stops completely from moving and firmly closes his lips, to try to push back the need to puke. His stomach churns uncomfortably.

Atsuki feels the tears starting to fall silently on his cheeks, wetting whatever is covering his eyes. He breathes softly through his nose, trying to calm himself. Unfortunately, the minute he calmed himself enough to not feel like puking his guts out, a computerized voice startles him;

«IT'S 9H30 AM, STARTING-» Shockingly, he hears his own voice utter his name; ''Atsuki Hyouma''«'S» The voice is soft but it's impossible to not recognize his own voice, no matter how weak it sounds «LOBOTOMY»

*Lobotomy ?* Atsuki process slowly.


Under the blindfold, it's impossible for him to know exactly what's going on,
but the sudden sound of a machine being turned on and the sound of a drill making its way towards him is unmistakable.

Atsuki starts screaming, struggling frenetically as the sound of the drill seems to get closer and closer to his head. His stomach starts, once again, to react negatively to his anxiety rising to impressive levels, but at the moment, he couldn't care less about the nausea.

His tongue is still too weak and his feeble attempts at calling for help are pathetic at best. The moment he tries to raise his voice, to make his pleas for help louder, he retches and vomits all over himself.

It doesn't stop him from trying to scream, however, and he pukes a second time as he tries.

''Rhelllp meee, zomeone!!''

He cough uncomfortably, his mouth tasting disgusting and his nose filled with the smell of his own vomit. Soon enough, his tears are falling down more heavily.

''Helllllp, plezzz''

He closes his eyes from behind the thing covering his eyes when he feels the graze of the drill on his head. When he feels like it's hopeless and that he's going to die, he hears a girl's voice;

''Don't worry, I'm getting you out of here !'' The voice is chirpy, sounding way too happy for this kind of circumstances, and for a minute, Atsuki wonder if he dreamed it. That's when he hears the computerized voice again;


Atsuki releases his breath, relieved. He gurgle uncomfortably as he tries to speak and has to start again;

''zhank yu for de help.''

Atsuki cough harshly and waits to be freed from his- bed ? He realizes a bit slowly that he's laying down. He can't believe he didn't notice it earlier. It's certainly not comfortable, however, and it doesn't feel like a mattress.

He isn't released, however, and after several minutes of wait, he asks;

''Um...P-Plez can you free me ?''

He definitively hears someone walking around him, but nobody answer to him. He starts to worry, anxiety building once again.

''A-Are you h-h-ere ?''

At his biggest relief, the same voice from earlier finally answer to him;

''Oh, sorry ! Yes, I am going to free you !''

He hears someone push a button before he feels his wrists and legs being released. He tries to sit, but he soon realizes that he can't, his body too drugged to cooperate. Atsuki tries to, at least, gets the thing covering his eyes off, but soft hands are quicker than him to do so and they gently remove the mask covering the upper half of his face. Atsuki blinks and winces at the sharp lights in the room. He can feel the headaches coming back sharply.

When he opens his eyes once again, he's greeted with the most beautiful girl he's seen in his life. He lifts a hand to rubs his eyes, in an attempt to get a better glance at her, but he realizes that his eyes are still wet from all his crying.

Not only that, but he's covered in his own puke. Certainly not the most charming image of himself, surely. He probably looks like a mess. A disgusting one, at that.

He tries once again to sits up, but the same hands that helped him with the mask comes push him back into a laying down position. He blinks, confused. She smiles gently at him;

''Wait a second, okay ? Let me help you.''

She then wipes his face kindly with a white cloth. She removes the worst, it seems, before letting him sits up.

Atsuki removes his vest with shaky hands and lets it drop to the floor. Thankfully, his white shirt didn't get dirty nor his pants. He raises his dark blue eyes to get a better look at his savior.

She's definitively pretty; She has soft crimson eyes with long black hair that frame perfectly her gentle features and white skin. Her lips are of a soft tint of pink.

He clears his throat and avoids her stare.

Now that he's looking more closely at the room, he doesn't recognize it at all.
He seems to have been laying down on a metallic bed, with handcuffs made of steel holding both of his wrists and legs. The drill that nearly dug into his skull is above the bed, clearly meant to directly force through the forehead. He shudders at the thought.

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Mayumi Sasaki


Messages : 5
Date d'inscription : 2017-09-16

PostSubject: Re: An unpleasant awakening   Sat 16 Dec - 18:27

Mayumi felt herself waking up from her drug introduce state by the fact that she felt water rushing around her feet and slowly pooling up her legs to her hips. Her eyes opened widely as her first reaction was to look down around her. She could see that she was in some sort of glass tank with water being pumped into it by a machine from outside. The other thing she notices was her hands and legs were binds from the rope that was not going be easy to remove. The only idea she had and the only option was to smash her rope hands against the glass and hoping it gives way.The water was coming in to fast for her to even get a good look at it. She ducks down into the water to eye the water before going back up to get a breath.

It was hard enough to cause a slight crack to form around the area she hit.She repeated wack her hands against the glass. The water was reaching to her chin level. Her only reaction was to hold her breathe and bend down and push her hands onto the glass as hard as she could. The tank was now full of water as she finally broke it enough to hear multiple cracks and finally the glass is given in from the pressure of water and the cracks. The water burst through making a whole and pushing her out into the ground. She begins to grasp the lack of air in her lungs. She lays on the ground for a few seconds trying to catch her breath before sitting up.

Her first move was to use any glass left on the ground around her to cut the bonds of the tie. She saw a glass shard and lightly grabbed it with her hand and used it to cut the bonds. It took a while before the ropes were loose enough to escape. She tossed the shard away from her.

A smile formed on her face as a laugh exited her plump lips as she ran her both hands hand through her wet hair. Her glowing red eyes were the only light source as she looked around the room. There nothing of importance that stood out for her. Her eyes caught a golden key rested a few feet from her feet. It too soaked from the water that somehow drained from the room.

"A...Key? What? Where? How?"

She gets up from the soaking wet ground and walked over to it to examine it closely. A number was written on the key. Number 7 elegantly carved on the handle of the key. She bends down to grab it and pulled it to her face. She twirled it to face her as she ran her other hand only the curves of the key.

"I wonder what this unlock."

A noise of gear clicking snapped her out as she turned to the sound to see a light flickering in front of a door.

The door had a giant 7 harshly cut into the wood with no other detail other than the golden keyhole on the handle. She walks over to the door and looked at the key in her hand. Her hand with the key push the key into the lock and turned the key.


She begins to check all the rooms, but she found all of them lock expect one of them. In the room was a box sitting on a bed, she walked up to the box and notice it had many numbers on it. The code was to complex for her to understand. It looked like she needed some sort of code to open the box.

"There must be a code somewhere in here."

She searches the room and could not find the code at all. A huff of impatient left her lips as she sat on the bed and looked at the box. Not knowing what else to do, she picks the box up with her arms and got off the bed. She held the box to her chest in a hug. She begins to the leave the room and makes her way out of the patient ward she was in. The hallway was dark with only deem lights that hang over her.

"I guess I will take you with me, Mr.Box."

Mayumi had made it to the end of the patient ward she was in and now as she was standing near a fork in the hallway. There was a sign stating that Lobotomy room was the right in the fork, and the left was the way to the stairs and other patient rooms. Her hand moves to the right to left as she counts which way to go.

"Right or Left? Left let me out of this area. But, right may have something."

Her choice was to take the right way and go to the Lobotomy room. She lightly steps down the tile floor and made her way down the hall which had 2 Lobotomy room one seem to be in use as the door was closed. She goes to the room that is not in use and went through it. Opening drawers, looking at the paper on the drawers and searching every corner which she found nothing.

"Nothing, I guess I can look in the other one."

She stops when she sees a handkerchief that she brush passed and decided it was best to take it. Her pale hand grabbed it only to notice a gold numbers written on it. 01521.She tries to burn the numbers in her mind before shoving the cloth in her blazer pocketing and heading over to the other room.

''Rhelllp meee, zomeone!!''

Mayumi heard someone said as her hand was about to open the swinging doors of the room. She smirked as she could just feel the dread coming from the otherside of the door. She swung open the doors and enter the room to see a guy strapped to a bed by metal cuffs.

''Helllllp, plezzz''

It was beautiful to see someone squirming and scare for their life. A chill of excitement went down her back as a smirk firm in her face. She was enjoying this way to much for a normal person. The drill was getting a little too close to his head.

“''Don't worry, I'm getting you out of here !''

She goes over to the machine and pushes some buttons to cancel the machine. Then she heard a metallic voice speak.


She made sure to push the button as well to shut down the drill just in case it started up again. A grin plaster on her face as she observes him still. This was something of beauty still even with the puke on him. If only it was blood, she would like that better.

''zhank yu for de help.''

She ignores him as she looks at the room before considering letting him out of the ties. There seem not much in this room as the other one. It not until he said something again did she look over at him. She dropped the box in her hand onto a near by counter.

''Um...P-Plez can you free me ?''

She wanted to observe him one more time and walked around him. He would be a perfect person for her to manipulated into helping her.

''A-Are you h-h-ere ?''

She smirks and tries soaked up the last moments of his torture before letting him out of the metal bed.

'Oh, sorry! Yes, I am going to free you!''

Mayumi spoke in a cheerful voice as she pushes the button to let him off. She watches him tried and failed at taking the blindfold off himself. She giggles at him and helps him remove the mask from his face.

She can fully see him without that dreadful mask covering his face. He looks like he was tired with dark circle under his blue eyes. His messy hair seem looked even messier which was sort of adorable like a little puppy.

'Wait a second, okay? Let me help you."

Her hands dig into her blazer pocket and pulled out the white handkerchief and begin to wipe the puke off his face. After she was done, she dropped the puke cover cloth on the floor.

"My name is Sasaki Mayumi. It is a pleasure to meet you."

She politely bows to him before waiting for him to answer.

Her hands went for a clap as an idea ran through her head. The code on the cloth may be the password for the box. She stepped away from him and head over to the box that still was on the counter.

"Excuse me for a second."

She being to push the 5 letter code into the box number system on it. 01521. A click sound came from it, and she begins to pull the box open. She goes through it and finds a few junk things, and a piece of paper with some written on it. A page with a map with numbers in a few rooms. One was 7 which was the room she was in.

"I wonder what these mean."
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An unpleasant awakening
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